The Truth About New Intel Laptop CPUs – 8 Core i9 XPS 13 MacBook Pro XPS 15 In 3 Little Words

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So if you don’t know what these are they’re basically the replacement for the CPUs that go into the XPS 13 you know use in books HP specters you know the MacBook Pro that has the actual function keys the escape. They call it those sort of laptops and also two CPU two goes inside a MacBook. The XPS two-in-one they’re updating nose as well they’re called the Y series the other ones are called the you series the Ultrabook parts.

An XPS 13 or something like that wait because these CPUs will be dropping very soon so when it comes to you parts the 15 what parts we have the i7 8 565 you looks like they’ve just added a 5 on the end they’re still called eighth generation it was meant to be called whiskey Lake and amber Lake and all this rubbish I’m over this Lake stuff to be perfectly frank they all quad-core you also have an i5 eight two six five you and the i3 eight one four five you so the i7 8 5 6 5 you has a base clock speed of 1.8 and the turbo speed of 4.6 and it also has two more megabytes cache over the i-5 and the i-5 has two megabytes cache over the i3 the i3 is a dual-core so watch out for that do not buy the i3 make sure you buy the i5 or i7 and it’s not much to say about these parts

they’re gonna have some small performance increase yes they will better battery life supposedly they’re supposed to have better Wi-Fi so faster Wi-Fi using less battery power and the small performance increases I just said don’t feel bad if you have a current generation say XPS 13 Spectre whatever with the current quad-core 15 what part because really there’s not gonna be that much of a difference but what I will say obviously if you’re in the market now wait of course you want the latest one if it has a bit better battery performance and better Wi-Fi why not just wait to get the latest they’re also updating their Y series so these are the ones that sort of like are in the XPS 13 21 you know did a low powered parts you know five watts they’re only dual-core as well but they can crank up say the XPS 13 to and when they can actually crank them up to nearly 15 watts anyway for a short period but they’re not great performance and they’re probably going to end up

in the new MacBook your new XPS 13 to one or whatever replaces the MacBook Air they’ll probably use this part to keep the cost down and if they do do that especially in the MacBook or the MacBook Air replacement it’s sort of a non-starter for me I don’t like these board processes or they’ve got a bad name like the M processors I don’t know why they call them i7 zai for they’re not there five watt parts they’re very low powered and they’re only dual-core so I would steer clear of a laptop like that unless you’ve just got basic needs or unless you like my man – what just happens you cannot stand the sound of fans yeah that they will all be found list those laptops that have those Y Series parts

you can see them up here on this chart so that’s it with these new 15 watt and 5 watt parts minor upgrades you’re gonna buy a laptop wait you might as well wait till these drop having said that it’s definitely not worth upgrading or anything like that it’s not gonna be a big deal but also later this year and say October they’re gonna release the new desktop parts so your mainstream desktop parts parts to replace the 8700 K you know stuff that goes in mainstream pcs gaming PC’s and they’re gonna have an i-9 with 8 cores now this pretty much means that probably early next year maybe Feb maybe April when they released the Refresh of the current eighth generation 45 watt parts in laptops now like like XPS 15 MacBook Roah simbook razor arrow they usually follow suit with the desktop part so that means next year there will be an i-9 8-quart cpu going into laptops it’ll only be do 9

so you know other laptops this year that have come out with these eight generation processors don’t have the option of on it–and like the arrow like the razor they’re not giving you the option of the online the XPS 15 you can get it MacBook Pro you can get it now cost three four hundred depending on where you bind up more than the i7 so I think for these companies not to have an i-9 next year with these 45 watt parts presuming they do follow the desktops which usually they do I don’t see no reason why they wouldn’t have an i-9 eight core part I think it’ll actually be suicide for these companies not to have the i-9 option because he’s talking about extra to cause here

you know you’re gonna get that same leap you got from gone all caused to six cause you know that 30% or so add another 30% on top of that with the i-9 it’s gonna have more cash to extra cause it’s gonna be a big bump in performance now the i-9 now is probably not worth getting because really a little bit more cash and faster clocks it’s not a big deal but when you add in an extra two cause that’s a game-changer now for gaming laptops I wouldn’t even worry about the i9 have an 8 cause vs. 6 cause it’s not gonna make a difference for gaming but when it comes to content creation it’s gonna be a game changer so I’m really excited for what comes next year in the XPS 15 and hopefully the razor and the arrow will follow suit and give you an i-9 option MacBook Pro expect to do the same sort of thing but who knows how long they’re up they would be but imagine that

next year an XPS 15 with an Rx or GTX 2050 that has performance of a GTX 1060 with an 8 core I nine-part imagine that imagine that the power and even if they brought it to the MacBook Pro imagine they have Vega graphics in the MacBook Pro and an i-9 8 core and hopefully Razer gigabyte MSI they will get the memo to and give you the option of the i9 I think if they don’t did you dead in the water there they need to have the option of the i9 this year I understand they skipped it that is perfectly acceptable because it is just the clock speed boost but next year when we talk in an extra two cause they’re not gonna refresh it this year they’ve only just released the eighth generation 45 watt parts gonna be early next year late April dishes so expect at the same sort of time next year I don’t think they’ll be moving on to ten nanometer I think they’ll follow soon but the desktop parts and we will have an eight-core eye 9 in laptops whoa imagine Eric good that’s gonna be anyway look thank you for watching give me a thumbs up if you like these videos and make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you next time tele I

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