Which is the Best 15 Laptop in 2019 ??? MacBook Pro 2018 Vs XPS 15 9570 Review

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Now the Battle of Goliath the XPS 15 versus the MacBook Pro 15. Both released 2018, both with the 8th generation 6 core, coffee-like parts up to oh 900 or pick, which one I think’s better but that’s not the point of this review. This review is just to help you make an informed decision.

I already made a review like a month ago pairing a MacBook Pro. At the time was the last generation 1 versus arrow 15 versus the XPS 15. So this is just an update to that video just because the new Macs are drop and by the way these are probably the last laptops. With these current designs meaning, I think the next XPS 15 and the next MacBook Pro will be a new design.

So this should be the most refined. So since 2015 I’ve always been recommending the XPS 15 for the best premium 15-inch laptop. It was always a slam-dunk for me but now, it’s not that easy anymore. So let’s check on and compare them.

So when it comes to the price. So i SPECT up both of them we’ve one terabyte SSD 32 gigs ram and annoy 9 the Mac was $1,000 more like $3.899 US versus $2899 US. You’re probably gonna have that same thousand pound difference in the UK and here in Australia that equates to probably $1,800. big difference right in price but it’s not that simple because I’ve had an argument with my Greek friend up, Eisel we had discussion because he went out and bought this new 15-inch MacBook Pro course and we’re talking about price and I have to grudgingly meet he was right. There’s a lot of custom parts on the Mac that would offset some of that price. Difference like you know a custom 16 by 10 display, which I don’t think anyone else uses the touch bar. I think it’s like gimmick the R&D; and the cost of implementing, that would be fairly high taptic engine with the trackpad would be custom also and cost quite a lot.

The sound system the t2 chip which basically is an iPhone processor in your laptop. That would cost a fair bit because it doesn’t just do Siri in the touch bar and a sound. That it actually offloads a lot of tasks that the CPU would do, because it actually talks to another custom part. Which is the proprietary custom Apple SSD controller it. Actually does encryption on the floor and pretty much controls that SSD and the custom SSD controller.

So there’s a lot of stuff that would cost a lot more on the Mac, so I have to be gradually meet these Greeks they think they know math and unfortunately they do. I don’t know how much that offsets difference but you do have to factor that in but I still think, spec for spec certainly the XPS 15 is a much better value. Build quality both top level build quality. Here in actual fact this MacBook Pro got here that build quality wasn’t that good.

Actually I had a issue with it you can see on the bottom panel there it doesn’t sort of align properly. There’s a bit of a gap, there this isn’t the usual case with the Mac can actually fit my finger now and a piece of cardboard in there too. I’m willing to talk that up to one off but I have to mention it. Anyway but they both have top-quality build quality. I think the Mac looks better from the outside. I like to finish the uniform thickness and then when you open up and you see the infinity edge of the XPS 15 the carbon fiber tech. I think it looks better when you open it up but they both talk quality. in that regard and someone actually asked me a question.

I’d be worried about Dells blue : 9 I’ve never had a problem with a dell and both apple and Dell have the best support and as you see no I just had a quality issue with the Mac. so it can happen to any laptop. that’s what I’m saying but the support is fantastic with both of them. so you covered there now. I didn’t include the Aero 15 in this. I think the area 15 belongs with the razor zephyr us and Deere 65m. so I think they’re more gamer too. sort of things, I don’t think the same person that buys a macbook pro and what I would say. the XPS 15 would be the Windows equivalent of MacBook Pro. is the same person a little boy raised. I don’t think they’re the same people so when it comes to weight and thickness actually the XPS 15 starts with a lighter weight. if you get the small battery in the full HD display it is 17 millimeters thick compared to 15 point 5 millimeters of the MacBook Pro. but configured the same way the MacBook Pro is one point eight three kilos and the XPS 15 is 2 kilos. so that’s 4 pounds versus 4.5 pounds. now it actually looks like the MacBook Pro is a lot thinner than the XPS.

15 minutes only 1.5 millimeters thinner at the XPS 15 biggest point because that will do a little trick. the edges are thin but the underside the belly is actually thicker. so it actually looks thinner and the MacBook Pro is actually taller. they’re both about the same with the MacBook Pro is actually taller because it has that 16 by 10 display. when it comes to pause for me.

there’s only one winner the chipset they both use support 16 lanes of PCI Express and the Apple have just chosen to use 4 by 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. which is nice and clean a lot of bandwidth there but very practical for day-to-day use. I like the XPS 15 which has full sized SD card slot HD mode has USB 3 Taipei’s and also has a thunderbolt port as well. so I might prefer the XPS 15z port selection there. when it comes to sound no contest here the Mac is 10 out of 10 for sound and better seven-and-a-half keyboard and trackpad. I think this is easy to do the XPS 15 a really good keyboard. I really do like it MacBook Pro

just try one out you’ll either like it or you’ll hate it. I’m a bit indifferent. I don’t really like it that much to be honest but the new one is quieter feels a little bit better. but I much prefer the XPS 15 keyboard but these can certainly be personal preference as well. but when it comes to the trackpad there’s no personal preference here. 10 out of 10 for the Mac trackpad and I’d say the XPS 15 is one of the better Windows ones and probably an 8 out of 10. but it’s nowhere near as good as the Mac one when it comes to displays you can get a full HD version of the XPS 15 but if you talk about the top of the line displays the 4k 100% Adobe RGB display that.

the XPS 15 has versus the 2888 by 18 100% DCI p3 display on the Mac which is 16 by 10 the XPS 15 is 16 by 9 they are both brilliant displays the Mac is a little bit brighter at 508 versus 400 nits of the XPS 15. both color accurate both look superb. I do prefer the XPS 15 just because of the 4k. the 4k does look sharper on the XPS 15 but to counter that the MacBook Pro has the 16 by 10 ratio. which I really do love too because you get an extra track in Premiere Pro for me. let me know down there what would you prefer would you prefer a 4k or a taller display which one would you prefer they’re both brilliant displays you can’t go wrong with either to. be honest but one big bonus the XPS has this is the touch display as well. so that’s one thing to know when you can actually use the pen. I could actually use the dell active pen with it. battery life both top of the class here. this new MacBook Pro actually there’s better battery life there’s a bigger battery. now it’s 80 3.6 watt hours versus 97 watt hours on the XPS 15. now the XPS 15 because it has a higher resolution display probably has about an hour or less battery life but I’m still getting over seven hours battery life with the 4k XPS 15 and the Mac.

I’ll probably get around eight hours that’s just general web surfing etc and both of them. were capable of having video run down tests of over 10 hours. so class-leading battery life for both of them with the Mac. you can have up to 4 terabytes of storage with the XPS 15. you can have 2 terabytes of storage. the max is super fast. it does have that custom controller Apple make themself and Andy’s control body t2 chip but with the XPS 15 of course you can upgrade the SSD. so you can put a 970 pro or 970 Evo. whatever the latest assist thee comes out you can always upgrade it with the Mac. you can upgrade anything so the XPS 15. you can upgrade the RAM SSD. you can replace the battery. so it’s much more user-friendly in terms of being able to service it and probably gives it a longer lifespan too. because you can buy a lower spec model and then upgraded later and replace the battery easily and when it comes to performance. this is where always the XPS 15 was always much better but now it’s a lot closer they both share the same processor now the XPS 15 does have a GTX 1050 Ti. which is considerably more powerful than the AMD v 60 X in MacBook Pro but in terms of video editing for me. where I always said the Mac had a weak spot in like Premiere Pro obviously. it doesn’t support CUDA and stuff like that but now. it is very competitive with the XPS 15 in video editing Lightroom all that sort of stuff very competitive.

It’s not a night and day difference when I edit video. I actually cannot tell the difference editing with either in Premiere Pro anymore. render times are still faster on the XPS 15 and for gaming or anything that uses 3d you’re gonna get the better performance with the XPS 15. they both have I 9 the XPS piece things gonna get more at the i9 scores more on Cinebench compared to the MacBook Pro but they’re supposed to be updating Cinebench. so performance better with the max whatever but just the cooling system is a bit better in the XPS 15. so you will get more out of the i9 now both of them will have thermal management. when you use the GPU both of them can maintain base clock speed and even more with the i9 and the for cpu load the XPS 15 100 to 200 megahertz higher. when you pick the CPUs but as soon as you introduced GPU heat and wattage both of them will thermal manage. so they both have that issue and to be 100% perfectly frank. I haven’t yet to see a laptop that’s under 18 millimeters that does not have some sort of thermal management. so that’s just the nature of the beast of being you know 17 millimeters and under in both these cases. here so I’ve got to get their performance to the XPS 15 by the Mac very competitive now and it’s not a big difference anymore, except if you’re gaming then the XPS 15 and 3d applications is much more powerful in that regard. so conclusion which one would I choose which one do I think is better but I’m probably lean towards the XPS 15 to value the upgrade ability extra performance and extra sharpness of a 4k display weak touch but it’s not one of those things where I say just get the XPS 15 you really have to work at your work usage and as my great friend says the yeah he’s happy to pay that extra bit of money for the Mac because whatever blah blah he says and yeah but grudgingly. I have to admit that the gap in terms of value isn’t as great as it seems. I honestly think you can’t go wrong with either room. you’re gonna have a great machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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