Facts You Never Knew about Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Preview v XPS 15 v MacBook Pro 15 Before!

Facts You Never Knew about Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Preview v XPS 15 v MacBook Pro 15 Before! is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 13, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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Now first things first before I get to the Lenovo laptop I just want to talk about the new r-tx graphics cards and video have now come out to say 35 to 45 percent performance. Increase they’re talking about the 20 80 TI for their graphics cards come out with 35 to 45 percent increase over the equivalent last generation models that looks good for gaming laptops as well. And just laptops in general can you imagine say you know an XPS 15 next year with whatever RT x 1050 or gtx 1050 whatever they’re gonna call it .you know that’s 35to 45 percent faster than the 1050 that’ll be awesome so I’m just keeping you updated on those graphics card no news yet when they’re coming to laptops also

Apple announced an event just thoughtI’d mention it and as you can see on thegraphic you have a round circle right around circle and it says gather round what does that mean are they roundcircle gather round please let me know down there in the comments what you think that means I just want to knowwho’s gonna go in the middle of thecircle so let’s get to this Lenovo Think Pad x1 extreme this is lenovo’sentry into the 15-inch premium laptop thin and light laptops no XPS 15 MacBook Pro. I’d say be more comparable to thosesort of laptops and the symbol Pro notthe razor and sort of gaming laptop this is not a gaming laptop but someone aspects of really good so first things first 64 gigabytes of RAM. now I think the XPS 15 you could probably put 64 gigs in it

It only has two slots like the XPS 15 to RAM slots the thing is 32 gigabyte RAM sticks laptop so dim Ram sticks they’re not very common.
There’s friggin expensive for a 32 gigabyte one but I’mpretty sure the XPS 15 would be able to support 64 gigs as well. It’s just they don’t offer 64 gigbyte can’t see no reason why I wouldn’t the chipset supports it but this is great that

The Nova actually offer 64 gigs that is awesome now.
I’m gonna leave a little spec comparison here between the MacBook Pro XPS 15 and this x1 extreme and in the blue is what I think is the best specs in the classnow also comes with porque. HDR display now it’s a 100% Adobe RGB and get a full HD display the 4k model is touch and has 400 nits of brightness 300 and is the brightness for the full HD apparently they’re both 100% RGB. I don’t knowif that’s correct or reportedin correctly I’m not sure but definitely the 4k will be 100% Adobe RGB HDR – now is it real HDR .

HDR 10 is it like the onethat’s in the ThinkPad x1 carbon is thattype of panel it may actually be the same panel that’s in the XPS 15. and nothing Dell loosely sort of say that XPS 13 and the XPS 15 they are sort of HDR displays any way although not really if this does happen a 4k HDR monitor you know very similar to the one they do have in that carbon that’ll be awesome. we’ll have to wait and see what the display is like but that’s what I wantedin the next-generation 15-inch laptop a deed want 4k HDR and yeah wellthey’re saying it is HDR you also get two m dot two slots inside so that means you can put two nvme SSDs pretty good fantastic. this is the best setup you want now we’ve our pool you just stuckwith the SSD that you boy you cannotupgrade it actually I was reading that Apple actually cheaped out on their SSD.

May look fast like the reads and writes but it’s actually running in raid 0 and actually using Toshiba chips in it so you know it’s not Samsung’s. which are the best SSD chips but it’s fast because it’s running in raid 0 withthis x1 extreme you can run to m2 so you can run to 970 pros in raid 0 if you want and then you can imagine the read and write speed it’s probably looking ataround 5 gigabytes or 5 if there are some megabytes per second. some where around there and course you could put two two terabytes in there to. have four terabytes and when the sizes get bigger you could put bigger ones in there is to use one of those slots for your operating system and one for your data so if your video editing the biggest tip.

I can give you for the best performance is to actuallyhave your project data on a separatedrive to your operating system that’sthe number one tip that’s gonna give youthe best performance now with the XPSyou can saw the door if you had a SATA.

SSD in there as well as an MDOT – but itdoesn’t have to m dot two slotswhereas this one does so you can do thatwith the Mac you’re just gonna have torun an external SSD now the drives arethat fast now that usually we 4k and HDcontent really doesn’t matter but stillthe best performance is to have yourproject files off your operating systemdrive so that is fantastic that you cando that that is one feature that I wishthe XPS 15 had and that’s a killerfeature in this tab to m dot two slotsjust like the arrow 15 has that as wellof course we use an eighth generationsix core party apparently can get up 209and vPro as well which is more anenterprise ii thing so bang up to datewith the processors gtx 1050 TI plentyof power there for gaming it’s not agaming laptop but that’s great for videoediting stuff like that – plenty ofpower but will it be able to cool.

It down it is eighteen point fourmillimeters thick so it is at the topend of thickness so it’s thicker thanthe XPS 15 and 17 mill and hand it’sdefinitely thicker than the MacBook Proit’s even thicker than the arrow 15 sowill it be able to cool those parts downwho knows we’ll have to wait and see andmake sure you subscribe and like becauseI will definitely be getting my hands onthis one you know it starts at one pointseven kilos as well 3.75 pounds that’swith the non touch but with the touchdisplay so if you get the premiumdisplay it comes in at one point eightkilos or four pounds just over fourpounds so even though it’s a little bitthicker it’s actually lighter than theXPS 15 and it’s the same weight as theMacBook Pro and it even starts at alower weight than the MacBook Pro if youget the full HD display so we’re alwaysgoing through the specs of these almosttickyes yes yes and then I say the batterysize okay ah there’s always somethingwith Lenovo isn’t the 80 watt hourbattery which is okay it’s smaller thanthe MacBook Pros battery and look howthin that is you would think somethingeighteen point four millimeters you’llbe able to feed a bigger battery inthere that is the biggest disappointmentto me I mean it’s gonna have okaybattery life but it’s definitely notgonna be class lead in both the MacBook Pro,

in the XPS 15 will have betterbattery life I can guarantee you there and before you start typing. I know fromexperience from these parts I knowbattery sizes unless they’ve donesomething magical or this display is like half the power of you know the XPS15 display that’s not happening it’s gonna have less battery life. It’s gonnabe probably mark my words now maybe asix hours with the four cane up to around 10 hours with the full HD. So that’s a little bit of a disappointmentin there if they had a bigger batterylike the Dell XPS 15 so 97 watt hour battery this would be tick tick tick tick on paper at least best-in-class but . we will soon see how . It  is now one thingyou’ve got to know with the Nova is one. It’s gonna have the best keyboard in the class. I’ll guarantee you that – like.

I can tell you that before I see trackpadsare good on lenovo’s – and it has separate buttons for left and right click and . It has that joystick or nipplein the middle of the keyboard plenty ofconnections here to Thunderbolt. Threes USB type bays and full-size SD card slotso you’re covered with ports herefantastic will be easy upgradable andone thing you also know about Lenovo isit’s not gonna win any Style Awards ok.

It does have that business ee look thatutilitarian look it doesn’t look premium like the XPS 15 or the MacBook Pro butsome people like that look it looks andsort of like just you know utilitarian plain and sort of no hipster or something like it. just appeals to certain people but it doesn’t really look premium to me but by no means am I. saying that looks bad it looks just acomplaint business laptop I guess so any way.

let me know what you guys think about this. could be the XPS 15 MacBook Pro 15 inch killer we will soon find out so until next time guys. 

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