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A Slave Mentality or Sonship Teachability
November 29, 2010
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A Slave Mentality or Sonship Teachability
By Robert

Where the Power Lies
Slave mentality statements say: "I can't ever make a good grade in that class, the teacher just doesn't like me." "That person makes me so mad, how do they not understand the passing lane is for passing?" "My boss makes  me feel hopeless, he has no idea what it takes to do this job!"

What do all these statements have in common?

They declare that the power lies with others and a lack of sonship. Other people have the power to make me fail a class, make me angry, or even to make me feel hopeless. This is an outward locus of control. The location of control, or the power to determine a thing, lies with an another person or circumstance rather than with myself.

These are common struggles that get dealt with in Prayer Ministry and most everyone struggles with these at some level. Almost no one is able to always take initiative, to always take appropriate responsibility for their actions and their circumstances. Generally, the greater the shame base someone grew up with, the more they will struggle with being proactive, taking responsibility and living by core values rather than the opinions of certain others who are seen as the "one's who really count."

The Power of Being Teachable
This presents some crucial challenges to growth, especially to our ability to be teachable.

When power lies with others, life has a sense of randomness. We are never entirely sure if we are in or out of favor. To defend against this, we may take on suspicion, prejudice (opinion formed without knowledge or examination of facts), even intolerance, legalism, and control issues. So since the power lies with others, life really is unknown and unpredictable. And if this is true, what other "tools" are available to protect ourselves?

This has huge implications for being able to learn new things and grow. If we have no ability to take responsibility within ourselves, we are unable to learn new revelations and learn from our life experiences. We end up with the good/bad mentality, and acting as God's policemen. We try and live by formulas rather than principles. There are whole ministries dedicated to pointing out how other ministries are "off." There are Christians who have been saved for years but never experience any significant growth.

God wants to place tools in our hands as sons to possess our individual promised land. We really can shed these "Israel in the wilderness" mentalities and become sons who can fight successfully in the promised land.

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