Is Gigabyte Sabre 17 W8 the Best Budget Gaming Laptop?

Is Gigabyte Sabre 17 W8 the Best Budget Gaming Laptop? is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 13, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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it great when you get a device you use a device that is fit for purpose it does what it says on the team and it just doesn’t try to pretend to be anything else than other than what it is and it’s gigabytes aber it does what it says on the box it’s a gaming laptop and in games well and I can tell you now there’s not many gaming laptops at this price point they give a game and everything they want not many at this price point come with 120 Hertz display and then these are 17-inch hundred twenty eighths display so it’s great for gaming it is just made for gaming has everything you want GTX 1065 78758 pretty much every gaming laptop has these processes six calls you know up to 32 gigs ram RGB keyboard full size keyboard as well with noise to millimeter travel so it does feel nice there’s a little bit of flex in that keyboard but it’s pretty good you know has all the storage options you want

it has them got two SSD and it also has a tuneup inch drive bay for hard drives or SATA SSDs it has pretty much every port you want other than Thunderbolt 3 but it does have USB C at the price point this is you get a lot of bang for buck I mean if you’re asking me in a gaming laptop wall or around the Hat Thunderbolt 3 or 120 Hertz display I’m taking 128 play because the reality is I’m not really gonna be hooking this up to it and a GPU any Thompson’s got a GTX 1060 which is really great for gaming at 1080p so you know has multiple USB 3.1 USB 2.0 USB C Ethernet even an SD card reader to DisplayPort mini display ports they are as well and one of them is connected to the GPU so you have to use that one HDMI and audio in and audio out Jack’s which every gaming laptop should have but a lot of gaming laptops that have that anymore so this laptop here is focused on gaming and it games well you see the game in view at the end of this review I’ll tag it on at the end but would expect with the expects there is no real thermal issues with this there is a little bit of thermal management with a little bit of power limit throttling and some CPU throttling but it’s very minimal so you’re pretty much good you know the most out of these parts and I’ll let you in a little secret I’m having issues with my desktop headache threader if hard I have water it’s probably the answer all to be honest but anyway getting back to these because my desktops been playing up I’ve been gaming on this no joke and I’ll get the game with performance I want I had that high refresh rate display which is really good at this price point I must say and it gives me the performance are one big 17 inch display that’s why I’m using this I can use other laptops but I like using this and because it has that audio in and audio l I can use the headset I want to use rather than going and getting one of my USB ones then when it comes to the design and build quality of it it’s a plastic build it’s not a premium product but it’s very robust there is that little bit of flex in the keyboard there but you’ll be surprised how strong these plastic builds are because they take a lot more shock than say.

you know the metal builds of laptops but I think that this price point is definitely nothing to complain about and I would say that matte black finish on it you know when you clean it up because it is a fingerprint magnet but when you clean it up and you’re getting in the right light and it really is a beautiful finish on it now it does come with this sort of unique removable battery you know six elf 62 watt hour batteries it’s good for around 3-4 hours it’s enough to get you out of trouble and you know to get some work done on the road but it’s a gaming laptop they’re not known for great battery life and yeah if you do gain yeah you’re only gonna get a couple of hours max if that so I have to say I highly recommend this laptop I’ve been using it it’s hard to beat at this price point there’s not many laptops at this price point Weaver for hide refresh rate monitor but it’s definitely well worth considering a 17 inch beautiful big display gaming experience with the super connected feeling of 120 Hertz you want an affordable gaming laptop that does exactly what it’s supposed to do game this is it no nonsense does the job you will love it for gaming so anyway I like to thank you guys for watching gonna get onto the game review now thanks for watching catch in the next one telly oh yes look at that one twenty Hertz or our chance let’s get rid of right so if you are new around here come on sub up get on the woo train and if you want to help a champ out there give me a thumbs up for the video so if I was to tell you a gaming laptop of the big 120 Hertz display gtx 1060 full gtx 1060 mind you and a 6 quart eighth generation i 78758 processor how much do you think that would be now the key point here is 120 hertz display and i’m thinking with those sort of specs you’re gonna be paying at least 3 grand here in Australia and around 2k in the US but this thing he was actually really aggressively priced ice in here in Australia 2000 $199 and I would expect that would be under $1500 or $1500 you with and there are laptops at around that price point with gtx 1060 so some of them have mexic used but you know the same processor and pretty much the same GPU but they all come with you know 60 Hertz display and there isn’t many that come with 120 hertz display and that display on this is actually really good especially at this price point I mean obviously to get to this price point you have to make compromises but this 7.3 inch display although in the desktop might not look the greatest might look like it lacks a little bit of contrast when you game it looks perfectly fine it looks really nice the gaming experience you get with 17 inch displays and especially when they’re hundred and twenty Hertz like this one and I think this is what separates this from anything else around the price point is that hundred and twenty Hertz display so if you ever known about this one definitely check it ahead because you’re gonna have to spend a lot more money to get these order specs so anyway it’s a gaming laptop let’s see how it games right a few things to note here it was freaking hot like it was nearly 40 degrees in Melbourne so that’s around over 100 degrees like inside around 29 degrees when I was at testing it so maximum torture test here single channel ramp that’s what I come with that’s how it gets tested I do have RAM here I can put in it but no I’m not gonna do it gigabyte come on if you’re gonna send out review units make sure that dual channel now I’ve done all these testing at medium because I want to get the maximum out of this display or she can crank up the settings to high and ultra but yeah you’re only gonna get around that 60 frames per second if you want the higher framerate you’re gonna have to go down to medium take that little bit of a hair cut but it looks perfectly fine and medium don’t worry about that so obviously if you have it at high settings the temperatures will go up slightly but remember I’m testing in 29 degrees so that probably offsets that so it’s probably the temps you’re gonna get at high or ultra now when it comes to thermals the thermals are actually really good on this there is some management there’s some power limit throttling it has 180 power supply maybe if you put a bigger pair of supplied that would stop that but there is some thermal management too but that being said it’s very minimal thermal management yes the temperature of the CPU will get up into the 90s when it’s run stock even.

When it’s under vaulted for that matter just the clocks go higher that’s only on the CPU side GPU side you’re only gonna get maximum just over 80 it will only throttle down to like you know the low threes 3.3 3.9 sin battlefield other games the clock would stay much higher at 3.6 3.7 and the GPU was pretty much 1700 1800 so you are getting quite a lot of performance at least laptop if you’re under vault it the clocks will shoot up to 3.9 which is its max and you will get some games in frame rates their temperatures sort of the same but just the clocks go higher and a lot of games it was maintaining 3.9 no problem whatsoever dependent on CPU usage of course we’ve D on the bolt and even without the end of all some of the games it could do three point eight three point nine and I’m willing to bet that if you had a cool house like you know 20 degrees 22 degrees yeah you’ll be even getting more performance again so let’s get into the benchmarks and you’ll see in the brackets UV is the under bolt frames and all these games are at medium settings 1080p so Deus Ex mankind deported we had 66 frames per second gta5 82 frames per second battlefield 5 we had 72 frames per second in pub G we had 63 frames per second which are 355 frames now that’s the system crushes and that’s pretty good 49 76 frames per second black ops blackout we had 67 frames per second and to round it all off in overwatch we had a hundred and eight frames per second now with the under vaults some of the games I was getting 10 frames per second  but a lot of these games we’re getting 70 80 90 frames per second some 100 so that’s where you’re gonna get the benefits of this display getting that super connected feeling and for me personally it’s just a much better gaming experience than the 60 Hertz display so I’m very happy with this I’m very happy with the performance they will management very minimal little bit apparently my throttling you know the noise it’s a gaming laptop they’re all friggin there this is no different it doesn’t get over hot externally doesn’t get that hot and then CPU yeah it’ll tickle into the 9 is there and then yeah throttle down a little bit and see in the eighties so make sure you subscribe to see the full review it is a really solid gaming machine.

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