Incredible Dell XPS 15 Spects and comparison to MacBook Pro 15

Incredible Dell XPS 15 Spects and comparison to MacBook Pro 15 is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 13, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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what’s in this box hey this is the brand-new Dell XPS 15 95 70 you’ve been waiting for it I’ve been waiting for it it is of course the classic famous XPS 15 inch MacBook killer MacBook Pro 15 killers specifically that dell has been making for a couple years now wait to lose the I 9 version I don’t know in fact I don’t know if this is the I 9 versions it may or may not be I gotta say to be honest I asked for the slightly lower spec version of it because I believe that people don’t understand that if you put a 4k panel in a laptop you get worse battery life I actually asked specifically for the F HD version 1920 by 1080 because I I think that’s a good number to look for hold hard a lot if this is a Koi 9 in here though I am going to compare it to the 2018 MacBook Pro with the quinine let’s see seal so not open this box so just for people who are like oh that doesn’t look like it how I got it let me tell you these come generally from the lab they don’t always come off the assembly line I get this thing out oh there we go it’s got a little pull tab there on the pull tab let’s get this thing out.

So this actually that’s in there that’s in there oh you get your manual you get that nobody nothing else in there power brick is definitely different I will point out 130 watt power brick this is very similar to one used in the KB Lake G version but is of course classic Dell where’s the USP C no USBC charger in the box so but the laptop if it is like the previous XPS 15 will charge from USB see I did not know that it does support USB power delivery so you can charge it from either out of the box they include the standard dell barrel charger that’s actually a good thing that’s actually a good thing and I can explain that to you if you give me a second once I get just off a little protesting plastic house compared to the two in one we are gonna compare cuz I have the two on one right here I mean for the most part this is new internals which is coffee like H same keyboard it looks like you get the fingerprint reader now XPS 15 keyboard a little smaller like it says core i7 core i7 oh right so it’s probably an 87 50 or an 88 50 I’m gonna guess 8750 it’s okay it’s probably every bit as fast as that map book anyway but for porch your classic barrel charger which i think is a plus because you this is a dedicated charging port if it’s USB C usually they don’t give you another USB C port that’s just simply you lose one port so you can charge and do other stuff you get a Type A that actually maybe a new USB 3 110 gig because the new Intel chipset full size HDMI 2.0 Thunderbolts with charging capability and this is a four lane implementation the previous original version actually the sky like version used to lane the new one went to a four lane I believe analog are do because they’re courageous as we know type a media slot battery check in a noble lock slot so inside of course core i7 probably an 87 50 h6 core Intel coffee-like H part great CPU all being should see how this does because it’s very dependent on cooling it may be every bit as fast as that mac if I suspect they are doing what they do for graphics there is a slight uptick you get a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti but I believe it is a max Q version so some of the thermals a little lower it’s not going to perform as well as a TI but you get that weird thing because you already have a 1050 now you have a 1050 TI now you have a 1050 TI max Q

So I’m probably halfway between those so you know GTX 1055 if you want to call it that so why would somebody get this over the 2 & 1 well let’s compare so this is the this is the good opportunity here that I’m interested in because we have here the Mac which is a thin and light and you can see the big difference that there is look at the difference there I’m a Mac is thin the Mac is very thin and of course most professionals say I don’t care if you save me four millimeters give me more performance and clearly it is very difficult to cool a core I nine and something this then and then let’s actually see how it is in footprint check this out let’s see similar you know basically the same footprint I mean generally in weight this is you know maybe four and a half almost five four and a half pounds this is four pounds so you save the weight difference I don’t care about thin but I I like I do like the weight difference one thing I hate about the MacBook is this edge here it’s just like you picked this up it’s like it it’s like a cheese grater on your hand I don’t know what they’re thinking you you grab it I pull my fingers it feels like I’m gonna cut myself but here’s the other question the other option is this the XPS 15 2 and 195 75 this laptop doesn’t have a 6 core CPU in it but it has the Intel KB Lake G processor in it it is a 15-inch screen it is touch it does have this Maglev keyboard which is not as bad as the maxilla this is different this is a standard keyboard that everybody knows and loves from the XPS 13 I think it’s almost the exact same which has been my complaint yeah it’s not as bad as a MacBook keyboard it was not as bad but this one’s better like the ice I kind of liked that but I do like sort of the almost clicky nature of this but the two and one of course gets you this which is it’s a tablet mode yeah true and of course touching all this weight so there’s no 8th gen option for this is an 8th gen it’s oh remember it’s KB like genius this is a core i5 8305 I forget it’s basically the core i5 k be like gee part with the integrated Radeon rx Vega and slash Polaris graphics um but you know really high tech whiz bang stuff this thing really does it does for quad core it is fast it is not slow and so convertible so you’re gonna give a performance compared to this but you get the form factor so what about the screen screens the same this is a 1920 it has a anti-reflective coating this is of course a nice touch with the gorilla glass on the less I like anti glare so I mean yeah it’s so interesting so look I mean this oh yeah close all the way no but actually long I’m not gonna close it because check this out look how thin the MacBook Pro 15 is it is almost as thin as basically the main body of the XPS 15 two and one it’s pretty thin and II the 95 75 the standard XPS 15

so the thin is real but again I’m liking with most people I don’t care I mean I gotta say I don’t care and this is not you want power I want power I’m gonna be carrying around a four pound laptop plus the power brick give me the performance well so you personally which one would you rather have the more power or the cool convertible design you know I gotta say if I had to pick between these three laptops well we know what you’re not gonna go MacBook I’m not gonna go MacBook I would go with the XPS 15 95 70 this one because you are getting a 6 core processor I know people don’t really get that but this is a big deal for laptops because we have been stranded in quad-core land forever we are now getting 6 cores in a you know semi portable package so you really if you were video editor or you are doing work you want more cores like atom you want more course you don’t really necessarily want like higher clock or this stuff so you’re getting more cores you’re getting gtx 1050 TI max q I would go for performance if I got to put if I gotta carry this damn thing around in an airport all day someplace I want the performance you wonder you want to make you know make it worth it you want to carry something that what am I going to get here I’m gonna get radeon RX 5 5 5 X whatever it is and then no it’s just I don’t get it I don’t get that part so this I guess you could argue you know for people who do like tablet modes convertible I’m a huge fan of convertibles but I also do like convert old be a little smaller more like a tablet but I really am a big fan of these I’ve not seen this really catch on I think in 15-inch laptops for me maybe if I use there for a while I’d see it but I I’d probably gravitate toward the workhorse this is a workhorse laptop I want I want met I want the power yeah that’s the way I’d go cool thanks Gordon cool look to the review on PC worldcom we will soon have it                                                                                                            

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