The Reasons To Love The New Dell XPS 15 9560

The Reasons To Love The New Dell XPS 15 9560 is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 13, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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tell me how their chance and welcome to the show so I guess we’d better see how this XPS 15 the cubby Lake model games so I’ll run through some benchmarks and then you’re going to see my mad sick gaming skills and I’ll game a little bit on GTA 5 and then you can hear the fans and we’ll have a look at the temperatures afterwards so anyway let’s get on with it now first of all I get asked a lot cuz it adds quite a one-note doesn’t mind doesn’t have go along I’ll make a FAQ video so yeah just write a comment down there it’s right next to the lock button and I will answer those questions in my FAQ one of the questions I get asked a lot is why didn’t have a 1050 Ti or 1060 in it and I was a bit disappointed I said I wish they had a 1050 T or in it but actually it’s not possible to put a 1050 Ti in there this has a 130 watt power supply so basically everything has to fit in that one 30 watt it’s designed for that thermal limit there and anything over 130 watts you’re probably going to have to redesign it or just have it really hot and loud yet that’s the compromises you have with such a small form factor there so anyway if you look 45 watt CPU 50 watt GPU which is a 1050 that gives you 95 watts doesn’t give you much to power the screen power the fans and all the rest of the computer like the ports and SSD and motherboard and so on and given that you’re not going to get a 100% efficiency as a power supply you might only get 90% at full loads you really only have 120 watts so if you put a 1050 Ti in there which uses 70 watts it already uses 115 Watts with just the CPU and GPU there’s not much left over for the rest of the system so it wasn’t possible to actually put a 1050 Ti in there so egg on my face I didn’t do my research on that ends up here and a10 1600 80 watt GPU and 45 watts CPU that’s 125 watts that’s probably about the maximum.

That this power supply can put out in the real world and then obviously you haven’t got power off for the screen and anything else and the fans would just have to be gone flat stick or de palma would be very hot probably throttle so there’s no point having a tense in there 1050 TI in that one 30 watt limit the 1050 is the best you can fit in this form factor now a lot of people’s disappointed but I can tell you now this thing gains okay it really gains well and just for life I thought I’d run Crysis 3 4k 4k low settings I was getting 27 frames per second for it that’s 4k and yes it’s low settings but I just thought I’ll try that GTA 5 normal settings 4k 51 frames per second for K that is normal setting so the set is a dial down but still 51 frames at 4k that’s pretty good now also I mentioned that you can gain civilization for at 4k over 50 frames per second no problem battlefield 1 you can play high settings 1080p 70 frames per second in my review I did say Crysis 3 high settings with 86 friends for a second now that was my highest score but I’ve done a lot more tests now and I’ve averaged them out and I would say 65 frames per second high settings Crysis 3 and it depends where you are in the actual game csgo i benched it at about 146 frames per second but if you place years ago you’ll know the frames go up and down widely you will able to get over 240 frames per second on the csgo and just depend now another one I added in here is fallout 4 now because I’ve done a gaming review on fallout 4 with the last model XPS 15 I thought I’ll try fallout 4 again and pretty much at high settings 1080p it pretty much reached into 60 frames per second cap there so 59 frames per second I was getting 1080p high settings and for reference on the last XPS 15 you have to really have it on low settings 1080p on fallout 4 and even then you weren’t getting the full 60 frames per second there so as you can see in much any title hi settings 1080p 60 frames per second this XPS 15 can do there are some games you might have to drop those settings down a bit say for example Deus Ex mankind divided you are only getting 40 frames per second at high setting and that’s a game that’s really hard on the back Carbon system in general but that was pretty much the only game I tested where you couldn’t get around 60 frames per second high settings 1080p and still 40 frames per second is very playable top the settings down a little bit and you’ll get your 60 frames there so let’s go see my mad gaming skills and have a listen to the sound of it hello is me looking firm I can see it in your eyes probably your razor hurting right now but I had the microphone in my hands and what I’m going to do is I’m going to set it down right on the keyboard of the XPS 15 low like so so that so you can hear the fans kick in I won’t be talking I’ll be turning down the volume of the game I’ll be playing with my Xbox controller there and this is a proper torture test because it is hot today in Melbourne it’s like 35 degrees outside now in this room it’s nearly 30 degrees

I would usually have the air conditioner on I’m trying to keep this room quiet so you can hear the fan so anyway let’s crack on and get into it 1080p high settings this is we’ve got fraps in the top left hand corner so let’s game and listen out for the fans so you can probably see 1080p mixture of high and very high setting dead it just basically the default anyway just get on with it as I said I want to be talking my security just listen everything amore ll we’re not here keeping it very hard and as I said remember this is a torture test because it’s like 30 degrees really seriously in your mobile room 22 degrees not going to get this hot right let’s go C Mon man damn you [Music] started to turn on in the bank Disney crying and I pay 5 Series rules they stop peeking now but the en francais whoo ah Oh sugar I never tell from up and Dunstable this is my faculty that heroes oh they as you can see not really slowed down an old tool and the sensor not really that left be honest and remember the more right next to the computer so it’s not really spin about stem words on the market binding it actually started to your Lord so not that before but tell me again let’s hope sitting for any season when you gotten left over here you know Oh the odds on the top so you know so he wrote his name so that’s the best layer of the fans really get and is it really hot this room and as you can say some slowdown at all is still pushing however fifty crimes will be now Skippy fallen to take you know where you are with you dropping after 15 will be known popper this experience demonic you serious Jenny Frances tell me who got the cockpit wrong singing technique rhymes in they see if you have a tricky crime and began then before crimes there the Egyptian to see when we look at afterburner steps from we know not sir forever look I remember each room is extremely extremely hot block or but this degree is really section Poli your competition is going to be a condition that one okay I wanna the yellow brick road all right lulu-nee we’ll have a look at after the 0 family and we’ll see how a lot of types – the same – they have an effect for the panky run slow down again what do we got here CPU usage mperatures the oil temperature was 77 the GPU temperature okay to memory and it is a proxy the cable doesn’t seem to be any throttling at all since the consistent line there of 1696 megahertz and it’s not sends it off obviously the bandages turned off now or not turned off so when you slow down now so purported to take 30 seconds for the fan slow down again so started off at 17 hundred megahertz and this is the lowest we’ve got was 14 14 this is the dip down for a second at 14 something with that to think of a star and then just consistently 1500 1600 megahertz up to nearly 1700 and it is like at the end when I was in gaming for 16 20 minutes you can see there 1696 meters and then CPU when we’ve got temperatures of up to sunny in the low seventies where the temperatures the CPU so no roof probably to say I’m pretty happy with that temperatures they mean check and when the fans are just ramped down really low now and you have to remember this room is very hot so you’re not going to get any worse condition for this right here right now and I’m just going to turn on the air conditioners now                                                                                                                                                

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