Incredible Dell XPS 15 4k vFHD Screen Transformations

Incredible Dell XPS 15 4k vFHD Screen Transformations is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 13, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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Kelly hey Dan Jannsen welcome to the show now you guys are for a lot of people one of the screen comparison between the 4k experience then and the full HD XPS 15 now first of all I’ve got a lot of videos on this new can be like XPS 15 I’ll leave a link in the description of the playlist all the videos reviews and also in that playlist you’ll find a video on how the upgrade USSD and how to upgrade your RAM and I’ve left the appropriate links for the SSDs you want for this XPS beam and the RAM you want for this XPS 15 you don’t want the wrong Ram and you don’t want to start a base SSD now just talking about the SSD some people have been getting unit shipping with the toshiba SSD rather than the samsung one that it’s sheba SSD is a little bit faster than half the speed of the samsung one so it is a significant performance difference between the two now i have contacted dell and i’ve asked them is this Toshiba the SSD they’re going to have gone forward and

I’ve been told that this is a supply issue and having trouble getting some Samsung from vendors now I’m going to take that for what it’s worth Dell do not actually specify the speed or type of SSD you get in the new XPS 15 it is what it is and I’ll just put up the speeds of the Toshiba drive here so this may be one reason you want to upgrade your SSD maybe get the smaller SSD and then upgrade it to a fast one that would be my recommendation now because at the moment you don’t know if you’re going to get the Samsung in order to Sheba so anyway let’s get on to the screen comparison now first of all sunny day okay so I’ve got the window open this is the worst conditions for reflections you’re never going to see these sort of conditions in indoor light but I thought why not torture tests that give it the maximum amount a lot in this room so in the real world when you’re mostly using your laptop indoors you’re not going to get the reflections as bad as what you see in this video so as I put them both up this is a good chance to check the voice bleed now you can see on the left is the 4k version and on the right is the full HD version you can see straight away because one looks glossy one looks matte and I’ll get onto the bezels later but anyway when the machines boot up check for light bleed now the full HD does have a slight light bleed if you can pick that up or not what I know but it’s not bad and in real world I cannot see it I can see when it boots but I cannot see it when I’m using the computer so I’m not worried about it there is no light bleed or very little light bleed on the 4k mode remember all LCD IPS type panels do have a certain amount of light speed it’s just when it becomes unacceptable that yeah you want to return it but once it’s on you can see straight away the pop of the 4k model compared to the Full HD now the full HD is a fantastic display don’t get me wrong there but you can noticeably see side-by-side it has more contrast to 4k pops more it just does look better on both of these when I look at 1080p content I can tell difference there’s not really any scaling issues with the 4k although some apps are not updated for 4k yet we scale in so you will run into some that have sort of weird scaling issues and just look soft compared to what it would do in Full HD

now I’ll just show you the resolution difference between the two so the full HD is on 100% scale in there I’ll change this 4k model to 100% scale in so it shows you the true resolution of the fork and you can see there’s a massive difference in resolution there interestingly this full HD model has the 54 watt hour battery the small battery of engines or 56 of them do and it gets pretty much the same amount of battery life as the 4k version with the big battery that was very surprising to me wasn’t expecting to get that much battery life and the small one but obviously the 1080p screen doesn’t suck as much juice so you get around the same and then a battery life with the small battery and the full HD versus the 4k and the large battery now if you have the large battery and the full HD screen you’re going to get 10 hours there 10 hours play now if you look closely you can see the bezels on the full HD then mat and on the 4k model you can’t really see the bezels because the bezels hidden under the gly there’s actually no lip to the bezel the edge to edge glass covers everything so it covers the webcam it covers the bezel and everything is underneath the Gorilla Glass whereas the Full HD version there’s actually a matte bezel and it’s plastic the actual display glass is underneath that bezel so that actually is a edge there’s actually a lip to the full HD version so they look aesthetically different so there’s nothing wrong with them that one I do actually like the MacBook of the bezels and not have them reflection when you look at the Full HD but if you look at the 4k model just looks a bit more slicker like it’s just finished a bit better because everything is hidden underneath that glass so aesthetically it does look slightly better in my opinion I mean that may differ to you but now a viewing angles well you’re going to get reflections on the 4k model so you have that depending on your lighting situation this is a really extreme lighting condition in here but you do get better viewing angles on the 4k model.

You’d lose a better contrast after 45 degrees on the Full HD model but with the matte screen you don’t get so much reflections sort of like viewing angles versus reflections whatever is more pleasing to you or guess now ghost it now let’s have a look at the UFO test now this is all films at 60 frames per second so you should be able to see pretty much what I see now I’ve mentioned in real world I don’t see any ghosting in both of them like I really don’t the full HD does does a little bit more than that 4k model and if you’re looking for it you will see it okay so if you see the UFO here and you can see the chasing square you’ll see that there is ghosting but in real world I don’t really see it and especially with the 4k I really have to look for in the 4k to see it even with gaming so I’m real world I’d say to 4k you’re going to have to really look for the ghosts interfere and with the Full HD the ghosting is a little bit worse if you’re really looking for it you’ll see it when you scroll through tech and gaming you will see a little bit of trailing but generally speaking I don’t really notice it when I know it’s there I can see it if you know what I mean if that makes sense now another 4k model is brilliant color accuracy and it has that 400% Adobe RGB and on the Full HD are measured a bit over 80% srgb on the full HD display but the full HD display were not calibrated that the colors are very accurate the collaboration was very close to what you see out in the box.

So you can really trust the colors although you don’t have that wide color gamut you can still trust the colors on the full-hd so although I do recommend the 4k version unless you need battery life or you’re a gamer and stuff like that just because in my personal opinion I do like it better there’s nothing wrong with getting the full HD version and I would be happy with that people had it on be complaining but the only reason I get the 4k is you know just to that contrast that pop it has you know a nice video edit and I edit photos and I want that hundred-percent Adobe RGB gamut there but I think it will be happy if you get the full HD remember these screens are not for gaming so look if you’re really sensitive to ghosts in and stuff you might want to look at a gaming laptop but all in all in real world I don’t really see too much of an issue with ghosts in and so on and both of these screens are fantastic when I scroll through text I find that the text using edge Scrolls smoother and better than when I use Chrome so for what it’s worth I would use edge it just renders the text better so anyway hope this helped you out guys I hope it helped you make a decision on what screen you want to use.

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