OMG! The Best Laptops at CES 2019 Ever!

OMG! The Best Laptops at CES 2019 Ever! is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at February 06, 2019 upload by Anthony Herrera in Laptop.

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So what are the best laptops at CES?

I think the star of the show for me is that only where area 51 m wow that thing is freaking amazing Desktop part up grade able desktop parts. It really looks epic and yeah, I’d love to get my hands on one of those. Now of course this is not for everyone but I mean come on balls to the wall, kick in the plums. Is freaking amazing now. When it comes to the other laptops to the gun ship and probably you’re most interested in the 15 inch premium gaming laptops and stuff like that.

The ones almost interested in some of these things the manufacturers are saying, just take with the pinch of salt and I said pinch of salt, do not say grain of salt. what are you talking about a grain? one single grain of salt? that’s just if you’re gonna say it, say it, right? a lot of them saying yeah. they’re gonna come with no LED display. wait, wait to see what’s actually gonna ship because what happens is they go look at the competitors booth and they see the competitor has put OLED displays coming. So they’re like oh we weren’t gonna put an OLED display well. let’s quickly just change our tag oh, let’s come with our model – no wait to see. what actually ships because in reality bar a few tweaks and there trofitting of our TX graphics and 240 Hertz display options pretty much. they’re the same as the last generation. although some are getting on lines like the Aero 15 X, is getting i- 9 and even the Alienware m17 also comes with i-9.

I so my favorite laptops are at the usual suspects. no one knows the performance yet, that’s why it’s like a waste of time going to CES, because you can just find out from the press releases. they don’t let you test the laptops unless you like walk in five K’sa day and then you’re going back to the hotel stuff. than you couldn’t  be bothered video editing, but other than that the thin and light gaming laptops. that’s the thing the thing that’ sin and they all come with r-tx graphics and 240 Hertz displays, that’s about it Is wear to god.

These laptops that are coming out with these their usual suspects. they’re exactly the same as the last generation. they’ve just retrofitted and with those 240 Hertz displays and r-tx graphics. we already know what these laptops are like other than. there’s a few minor tweak share and there like the actual razor blade advance. which has the RT X and the 240 Hertz display, that advance model was actually one millimeter thicker. so it may be a bit of you, know there are more changes. so most the changes will be internal, other than that just go to reviews of the previous suspects, like the error 15 X 2 GS 65, the razor blade, yelling we’re in 15 zephyr us. and actually there is one cool laptop. that Alan where m17 the 17 inch thin gaming laptop from only. we’re know that thing is a baller, okay? that deserves special mention but because you can get that with an i-9 there isn’t many do. now I guess they’re just having trouble, you know cooling down the eight750 H. so they’re not doing the i-9. so add all those laptops which again are just updated with the RT X and 240 Hertz displays.

my favorite laptops were the razor blade the arrow 15 X and the Alienware M 15, in no particular order but those three were my favorites. imagine they change the trackpad on the arrow. I will probably go to number one but I can’t wait to actually test these out, really gonna be interesting to see how they goinG. the cooling that’s the main thing, I mean you might as well not even test, all the rest just see how they go. with these r-tx graphics and cooling and performance. but I think it’s gonna be hard to beat those 3d arrow 15 X razor blade advanced and the only we’re in 15 and the 17

If you want the bigger one can’t wait too. actually get them in house to test them super excited but the most important thing to me, is the improvements.  they’re doing with the RT X graphics cards for content creation. they’ll be able to decode on the graphics card. read raw footage, that Is amazing. you know they’re gonna be tuned for like 3d applications. the drivers are gonna be optimized for 3d apps. so these things should be killer for content creation and I can imagine a lot of Mac people. you know even if they’re on the desktop, you know when RT x can decode. you know red footage raw footage on the GPU on the fly and play back their 8k footage or 6k footage. I mean these people on the they can’t do that. Whether I had the oil Mac Pro or the MacBook Pro.

I mean I am they just thunk to Code Red footage. so that’ll be very interesting. so any way like to thank you guys for reading. I had a look at pretty much all the laptops I think Samsung announced a couple ones you know the Ultrabook like who needs another freaking ultrabook? and they did actually release the gaming one and lenovo Bernice, you don’t know why series game? I’ll check those out. we all like the feelin’ premium ones and yeah, data once the beat with the msi gs70 vin there as well XPS 15 razor blade Alienware em 15

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