Best Things About Alienware M15 Ultimate Performance Review

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performance test of this Alienware m15 gtx 1070 max-q 16 gigabytes a dual-channel ram and a 6 core i7 8 750 h

so let’s get straight into it now I done all these tests actually in performance modes so if we go back here this is really cool this you can change all the modes here performance I’m actually using the quiet mode that required actually the thin you could barely hear it and actually you could record audio it’s good enough to record audio you can still hear the fan but it’s pretty good now you have power modes here and this is all done in performance mode now I think the best if you want to do the best mode balance mode is the best so I think quite much very good if you want to record audio and balance mode

it’s not gonna let the CPU just go crazy and just you know pump out some serious watts and then throttle down a little whereas when you use performance mode it really does let the horses run free and just do whatever they want and then it will control the thermals later and look how cool this software is right it’s a cool software like some of these gaming software looks so rubbish and this is clean modern very easy to use I really do like this software now have some cool news I’m actually getting in the only where graphics am my man Varsha hopefully is gonna send that out and I do have an external GPU now Sony GPU gonna be comparing the Alienware graphics amp with this laptop compared to an external GPU which one’s faster let me know down

there in the comments which one you reckon will be faster using the Thunderbolt 3 or use the Alienware graphic sample which one you reckon will be faster day by four lanes so anyway let’s get into these scores okay here we have it stock fire strikes cool and there and it has a gtx 1070 max-q I think I mentioned that already but anyway let’s talk that’s under voltage you know a little bit of an increase there you can compare that Geekbench here whatever that’s normal for an eight 750 H so nothing to see there now this is Lightroom Raw – JPEG export now the thing about this is this is basically a CPU test so obviously the I nines are on the top because it doesn’t really use the graphics at all it’s just basically using the CPU and as you can see there the only wear is two minutes and eight seconds and the MacBook Pro 15 with the same process and the razor blade you know within a couple of seconds

I mean that could have been me not stopping to watch quick enough but it is the fastest one here I done like three tests anyway and obviously the eye lines from the MacBook Pro when the XPS 15 are the fastest so that is what it is it’s basically a CPU test now this is previews which is basically a CPU test as well and interestly I don’t know why the Mac is so fast at doing this but this is a CPU test as well it’s not using graphics or vagal I thought it was but no it’s not but this trend continues the eye lines are the fastest the MacBook Pro I don’t know if just Lightroom is more optimized for Mac’s I’m not sure but the iron and the XPS 15 you know is the second fastest and the MacBook Pro is bit faster than the Alienware using the same processor but interestingly the only where is faster than razor blade which uses the same processor as well

so I guess it comes down to how hard and long you can boost for these tests isn’t really that long enough to make things throttle that much but anyway so this is the Puget systems Photoshop benchmark now as you can see he gets 853 so for some reason it is a lot faster than the razor blade Pro which uses the same processor and the same GPU but it’s a lot faster so 853 versus 788 and here again the Mac’s are faster right is this a Doge more optimized for Mac’s we’ve always been told Adobe’s and the models for max but obviously there’s lakhs max for some reason but anyway it did blow away here the razor blade in this case then this is another interesting one same CPU same GPU but different scores this is the same benchmark what can I tell you 3d studio max was just the first one the only way is faster and another one mayor which is Arabic for water is actually faster on the razor I don’t know why same CPU same GPU I have no idea and Medical 2 which is English for medical that’s 44 verses 34 on the razor so I can’t explain the differences in the scores considering they have the same GPU except that maybe yelling where they tuned in a bit faster but there are some tests but it raises a bit faster

so I can’t explain that that is what it is all right now let’s have a look where basically the only way a cleaned house here cleaned house Eadie’s now the fastest renderer out of all the laptops I’ve tested as you can see 8 minutes and 16 seconds and I thought nothing was actually gonna patch this Horus x7 which has a GTX 1080 by the way and these things actually faster the only ways faster and both hardware and coding which is a Qi under vaulted it’s faster and eight minutes 16 it beats it in software rendering so if we have a look down here the razor blade same CPU same GPU it’s quite a lot slower except when you get to hardware encoding it is very fast like 5 minutes like puts that on top if we were going for Hardware encoding except for the Alienware M 15 which is 4 minutes 42 which is still is faster than razor blade but you can see when it can use that gtx 1070 the razor blade

yeah it’s fast but just doing software rendering which mainly uses to see for you some reason it’s quite a bit slower than the only way when a winner chicken dinner cleaned house there and if we have a look at Cinebench yeah it’s pretty much what you’d expect you know eleven hundred and eighty-one that’s pretty good school that was done cold and then the other one under vaulted 1243 which is like for this cpu is like a really high you can see pretty much you know Raisa getting the same sort of score there you know 1234 and 1100 whatever it’s pretty normal and then of course the i9 and the MacBook Pro you actually slower but indeed it is the fastest 8 750 H CPU I’ve tested like just on these benchmarks although they’re so close it really doesn’t matter right let’s get into Lightroom let’s have a look here punch in punch out look look how quick that is we’ll just scroll through some more boom boom look how quick it’s adjusting nice and snappy beautiful there let’s go across a couple more Oh so fast it’s excellent alright

let’s develop this one let’s have a look now the clarity one seems to be the one that’s really hard on the system look at that instant absolutely instant no lag whatsoever with this clarity brush and that one’s really hard on the system so we’ll use the adjustment brush will actually just overexposed it a little bit well and then I’ll just try and bring back actually I’ll just over expose the whites okay and I’ll try and just bring that back with some under exposure with the brush let’s go under exposure and more brush this in and see great it’s instant instant no leg get too much under exposure there but it doesn’t matter it’s instant let’s just yeah increase that a little bit there you go instant boom performance is epic alright let’s have a look at Premiere Pro this is a 4k projector and we have some high resolution photos –

let’s see how plays back through the high res photos no prob let’s see how plays back move 4k content and by the way I just turn this off you can see here it is color graded so there is a lot of plied it is logged footage it’s pretty you know 4k project let’s do the ultimate torture test and I’ll just use a cane in a minute but let’s just try and do you can see the scrubbing it’s just try and do color correction on the fly at the end but that’s because I was color correcting on the fly because as you can see let’s just play it again GTX 70 it’s gonna see my other sequence okay it’s got my other sequence this is 8k footage and this is that full just go across here okay it’s not gonna play okay forget about it but that’s not too bad it’s not a slideshow Diigo there’s the slideshow okay that’s not too bad that’s pretty good for fall now a desktop with ten calls or eight calls might be able to play this at half let’s have a look here no laptop template is at half let’s have a look oh hello it’s plain that a half-hour case dropped the frames at the end but as you can see you can probably edit at half it’s pretty smooth as long as you’re not playing back too much but quarter is where it’s at with the beast laptops now

not a lot of laptops connection play it back at quarter this is 8k footage so 8k footage at quarter still looks good it’s probably like 1080p it looks like let’s play it okay everything is green whoa that’s what you want baby 8k footage editing no problem there and as you can see it plays right through that at quarter so you’re gonna be able to edit a K footage all right done

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